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Anika is a registered nurse and fully qualified remedial massage therapist. She is therefore qualified to offer a wide variety of remedial massage and pain relieving services.

Anika Lyons


Anika Lyons

Anika runs her Massage Therapy business from her beautifully created home studio in Point Cook VIC and offers flexible hours to suit.

Anika’s understanding and knowledge of the human body in either a healthy, diseased or injured state, ensures a safe, professional and nurturing environment, essential for the healing process.

Anika promotes the belief that physiological healing is the restoration of damaged living tissue to normal function.

She is also a member of Massage and Myotherapy Australia.


Massage & Myotherapy Australia


Anika is a highly qualified and experienced remedial therapist. Some of her qualifications include:

Bachelors degree of Nursing/RN1. (Victoria University)

Certificate IV Massage Certificate HLT40312 (Aust. Inst. Applied Sciences)

Deep Tissue training program. (Robert B. Hasse, LMP)

Warm bamboo training program. (D. Lang)

Chinese Massage/Cupping course. (Chinese Medicine PowerEast)

Certificate of 'Whole Body Massage'. (A.R.M.S- B.Cavill/Remedial Principal)

Oncology Massage course. (Massage and Myotherapy Australia)

Post graduate degree of B/Oncology. (Latrobe University)

Diploma Remedial Massage HLT50307(Aust. Inst. Applied Sciences)

The Carrie Rowell Lomi` Lomi` program' - Levels 1 & 2. (AAMT Aust)

Hot Stone training program. (D. Lang)

Dry Needling Course (CPD Health Courses, Melb CBD)

Pregnancy Massage Course. (Instructor-L.Stager, RN, LMT)

Master course in the Anatomy of Stretching. (Niel Asher Continued Education Courses)

Organic Products

Anika only uses ‘Organic’ – 100% pure ‘Grapeseed Oil’ in her practice. Grapeseed oil contains no chemicals, no additives and is free of pore clogging mineral oils.

Grapeseed oil is a natural, light and silky oil that leaves the skin feeling soft, moisturised and revitalised, with the added benefit of antioxidant absorption.

Anika’s belief is that if you would not be prepared to ingest the oil, do not apply it to your skin.

Relaxation Massage

No chemicals


No additives


No pore clogging mineral oils

Ready to Make a Change?

A study conducted by the Touch Research Institute of the Miami School of Medicine has shown that massage can increase serotonin levels by up to 28% and decrease cortisol (the stress hormone) by as much as 31%.