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Client Feedback

Still not convinced? Here’s what some of Anika’s happy clients have had to say about their experience at Anika’s Remedial Massage Therapy.

“Anika is very professional yet caring and empathetic at the same time… She is very knowledgeable in all aspects of the health industry and if she can’t help you, she will gracefully point you in the right direction for your recovery or treatment. Highly recommend Anika.”

Dee Woloschin

“Anika’s many qualifications are displayed in her consulting room for all to see, but you have to experience her expertise to appreciate how much more this talented, caring practitioner takes from her qualifications to create a sublime personal event that becomes a transformation.
I got my body back (but sadly not my youth). However, at 75 years of age thanks to Anika I can now launch my boat without my wife’s help and go fishing – Job Done !!!!!”

Andrew (retiree)

“Anika’s Remedial Muscle Therapy is a professional and much valued service within my family unit, Anika has always treated my family and I with respect and courtesy. Many practitioners have endeavoured to treat my back pain but with little success in over 3 years. Anika knew what the issue was, she knows muscle and more importantly she knows how to treat muscle issues. I would definitely recommend Anika to anybody in need of a professional and skillful assessment and treatment. 10/10 across the board. Thanks Anika!”


“I have been treated by Anika since March 2015 and I cannot fault her or my treatments. I suffer from fibromyalgia and Anika knows exactly how to treat me properly.
I have found Anika to be both professional and knowledgeable in all areas of my treatments.
I look forward to all my visits.”
Debbie Mitchell

“My husband and I visit Anika regularly, she is amazing at her work and provides top notch service.”
Brittany Spadaro

“What an amazing talent this woman is. I have sampled massages from all over the world and yet Anika impressed me with her unique technique and fabulous application. I would highly recommend Anika’s remedial therapy to anyone who is in need of leaving her delightful studio feeling ten years younger. Great work Anika!”
Peter Kalaidis

“Almost 20 years ago, I had an unfortunate accident on the farm, with nearly breaking my back. During that time since my accident, I have seen a number of masseuse’ over the years, and I have not found any that have come close to Anika’s gift and talent. I could not recommend her highly enough, as she has put me back on my feet, reduced my headaches, and given me a certain part of my life back with being pain free. Thank you Anika!”

Ash Robinson

After trying many massage therapists, with little to no luck, I stumbled across Anika’s page. I thought, here we go another therapist that might feel good at the time, but never any substantial relief from my chronic pain. First visit to Anika was amazing and I felt better that week than I had in over 3 years. Second visit, and I’m feeling even better, and with a therapist like Anika looking after me, the future looks that little bit brighter. Anika is such a professional and caring therapist, but if you want qualifications, you should see the 2 walls in her treatment room(ran out of room on the 1st wall). If your reading this and your suffering, give her a call, discuss your issues and see if Anika can help you too. Thanks so much Anika. I can’t wait for my next session, and further treatments from you in the future.

Taner Tan

“Thank you Anika !! Lower back pain is all gone.”

Duane Rayner

“Fantastic professional service, Highly recommended.”
Adrian Favazza

“Absolutely the most peaceful and relaxing experience I have ever had.”
Phillip Mcmahon

“Anika is a kind, professional and talented therapist. She has made a world of difference in my rehabilitation and recovery following surgery on both feet. She has also brought my partner and his team mates back from some severe footy injuries. Her passion for helping others is truly special and her studio is beautiful. We could not recommend Anika enough!”

“After injuring my back over 6 months ago I seeked many physiotherapist chiropractors and masseurs but it was until my neighbour recommended Anika and desperately I went to see her and from the first sight she had a big smile on her face and and was very welcoming and after the first therapy I was able to bend down and put my shoes on! I was back to work shortly after. Many thanks Anika.”

Inas Karim, General Practitioner

“I have found Anika to be very intuitive, confident and thorough in her massage application. Anika understood what my body needed and was able to create an environment where I felt safe, comfortable and able to go into a deeply relaxed state. I am truly grateful for her skill and generosity and would strongly recommend her. Thanks so much Anika.”

“I presented to Anika with multiple muscle injuries and complaints. My lower back, glutes and hamstrings were a particular problem as I work out at gym 3times per week. Anika worked through my muscular issues one by one and after years of seeing chiropractors and other therapists, Anika found the issues with my alignment and tendon tightness, and put me through a gruelling treatment plan. I am finally off nurofen and 24 hrs of pain is a thing of the past. I still see Anika once a month for a ‘service’ and couldn’t be happier with her professional approach and great muscle treatment technique. Thank you Anika!”
Theo Pav